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10 Ways To Prevent RV Tank Sensor Issues While Camping

One of the most frustrating considerations of RV camping involves RV tank sensors

These sensors are responsible for both grey and black water tanks, letting you know when either one is close to full. Not only will this help you avoid unpleasant surprises. They can help to reduce other RV-related issues in the future.

Unfortunately, RV tank sensors aren’t always foolproof. They sometimes give inaccurate readings or stop working. 

If you’re planning on hitting the road for much-needed R&R, it will be essential to know when and why these problems occur in the first place.

Let’s explore how to prevent RV tank sensor issues and why the RV Masters of Kenner, LA is the best place to go for RV tank sensor repair.

Stopping RV Tank Sensor Issues: 10 Methods

Here’s how RVers can protect their tank sensors in 10 easy steps.

1. Regular Cleaning

Not only will cleaning keep your sensors functioning correctly. It will also keep your RV in good condition. Make sure to drain and clean your tanks at least once a month (during the active season).

2. Special Soap And Shampoo

Traditional brands leave chemicals in the tank that can prevent proper draining. Many RVers swear by special blends that are made specifically for RVs. You can find them at almost any camping store.

3. Avoid Caked Residue

Food, grease, and other residues can quickly cake onto the sensors, preventing them from working correctly. Make sure to avoid residue-creating products and washing anything unusual down the drain.

4. Keep Valves Closed

Black tanks must stay closed constantly. Grey water tanks may be opened under full hookups.

5. Don’t Use Certain Chemicals

Avoid hard chemicals and bleach to clean the RV. Choose mobile-friendly blends instead.

6. Flush Tanks Often

Dump out your tanks every 3 to 5 days on average. Be sure to flush them with plenty of water, and check for any residue-related issues.

7. Deep Cleaning

Wash out your black water tank at least twice per year. If you feel not qualified, RV professionals can help.

8. Watch The Temperature

Temperatures higher than 85 degrees may cause issues for tanks and sensors. You may want to dump the tank more frequently during the summer.

9. Consider Enzyme Treatments

Special bacteria and enzymes can be purchased and floated into the tanks. These will help reduce odor and encourage the breakdown of solids.

10. Stay Away From Food Waste

Don’t put any form of food waste down the drain. Instead, throw solids away into a trashcan or bin.

How to Prevent RV Tank Sensor Issues While Camping | The RV Masters in New Orleans, LA. Image of an RV tank sensor’s wiring. The RV Masters Can Help With All RV Tank Sensor Issues

If you’re still having RV tank sensor issues despite your best efforts, the team at The RV Masters can help. 

We provide expert RV repair in New Orleans to get your sensors back up in no time. Using our specialized packages, we are perfectly equipped to protect your RV from top to bottom, guaranteed!

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