Affordable RV Maintenance Service Packages

 RV Maintenance

Below you’ll find service packages for the individual systems on your RV maintenance checklist. In addition to these packages, we also offer all-inclusive packages that include everything you need to be certain your RV is in top-condition and is ready for the road. We call these our “Ready to Go” service packages, and we offer them for both motorized RVs and for towable RVs.

Roof A/C Service

Starting At
$ 199
  • Perform amp-draw test on compressor and fan motor
  • Visually inspect the RV air conditioning unit
  • Check the A/C seal and re-torque as needed
  • Measure temperature differential
  • Inspect and clean fan blades
  • Replace or wash filters
  • Clean drains
  • Clean coils

Slide & Jack Service

Starting At
$ 299
  • Test slideouts for proper operation
  • Clean slide walls
  • Lubricate slide seals
  • Lubricate all slide components (as necessary)
  • Inspect applicable hydraulic lines
  • Ensure proper operation of control board
  • Clean all jacks, including foot pads
  • Lubricate entry steps

Trailer Brake & Axle Service

Starting At
$ 89
Per Wheel
  • Remove tires for inspection
  • Test operation of emergency brake-away switch
  • Remove the drum and hub
  • Inspect brake shoes for excessive wera
  • Inspect and repack wheel bearings (as necessary)
  • Replace grease seal
  • Check and adjust air pressure in tires

Exterior Reseal

Starting At
$ 699
  • Reseal windows
  • Reseal lights
  • Reseal door frames
  • Reseal trim and moulding
  • Excludes roof

Roof Reseal

Starting At
$ 599
  • Complete clean and condition rubber roof
  • Visually inspect roof membrane
  • Visually inspect roof sealant
  • Reseal with Dicor sealant
  • Price excludes lap sealant

Pressurized Leak Test

Starting At
$ 349
  • Visual inspection of all exterior sealants
  • Pressure test and soap exterior to locate leaks

Fire Suppression
System Service Package

Starting At
$ 499
  • Installation of (1) PROTENG THIA HD-100 fire protection tube behind refrigerator (* based on average size refrigerator)
  • Smoke Detector: Check Expiration Date, Replace Batteries, and Test
  • CO Detector: Check Expiration Date, Replace Batteries, and Test
  • LP Detector: Check Expiration Date and Test
  • Fire Extinguisher: Check
  • Operate and Check All Emergency Exit Windows
  • LP System Low Pressure Leak Test

Appliance Service

Starting At
$ 349
  • Clean refrigerator, water heater, and furnace burner tube assemblies
  • Check operation of refrigerator, water heater, and furnace
  • Verify proper air mixture on water heater
  • Clean stove burners of debris
  • Check operation of stove
  • Replace interior air conditioner filters as needed
  • LP system low pressure leak test
  • Check operation of smoke, carbon monoxide, and LP detectors

Maxxair Vent Covers

Parts and Installation

  •    Odors Escape While Rain Stays Out
  •   Prevents Heat Build-up
  • Fits over most 14″ x 14″ Standard Roof Vents
  • Available in black or white
rv maintenance maxxair vent cover installation

Tank Flush Service

Starting At
$ 199
  • Flush and Deodorize Grey, Blk & Fresh Water Tanks
  • Inspect Blade Valves for Proper Operation
  • Inspect Fresh Water System (Pump & City Pressure)
  • Check All Systems for Leaks

Gas Powered
Generator Service Package

Starting At
$ 72
  • Change Oil, Oil Filter (If equipped), and Air Filter.
  • Filters not included

Diesel Powered
Generator Service Package

Starting At
$ 99
  • Change Oil, Oil Filter (If equipped), and Air Filter.
  • Filters not included

These packages are for preventive maintenance items only. Additional repairs will be quoted separately.