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5 Fall Camping Activities You'll Make Into a Tradition

With great weather and beautiful scenery, RVing in the Fall is truly something special!  Hopefully, your RV is running in tip-top shape thanks to our RV repair and maintenance team at RV Masters, serving southeast Louisiana.  Now it’s time for your next RVing adventure! Looking to create some new camping traditions this season? Here are some of the best Fall-related camping activities your family will enjoy for years to come. 

1. Spooky campfire stories 

What’s a campfire without a good ghost story? Regardless of the season, this is one of the oldest camping traditions around.  Retelling spooky stories will get everyone into the ghoulish spirit of the season. For an added twist, create your own group ghost story by having someone start off with a sentence like, “Once upon a time on a rainy night.”  Then, go around the circle while others add on one sentence (and one sentence only) to the story. The story is sure to have twists, turns, and a few laughs as it goes on, which will create one memorable campfire activity!

2. Pumpkin carving

Nothing says, “new camping tradition” like taking the RV out to visit a pumpkin patch, traveling to a nearby campground for an afternoon of carving your newly-acquired pumpkins, then spending a night around the campfire roasting the seeds.  For this activity to work well in a camping setting, make sure you have access to a picnic table and plenty of newspaper for fast cleanup. Make carving easy by purchasing a pumpkin carving kit, or use acrylic paint to decorate your pumpkins instead. 

3. Fall-themed scavenger hunt 

If your RV trip takes you out of the New Orleans area this season, doing a scavenger hunt is a great way to help your family explore the area. Create a hunt that incorporates different species of plants and animals that are native to the area where you’ll be traveling. Consider creating different types of scavenger hunts that include taking pictures of wildlife you may spot, or do a sensory hunt where participants smell and feel around the environment to complete the hunt.  Get scavenger hunt ideas (and free printables) here!

4. Assassin campfire game 
A traditional campfire game with a spooky twist, we’re sure your family will beg to play this game any time they get around a campfire.  Someone in the group is secretly chosen to be the “Assassin.”  The Assassin winks at individual group members, metaphorically killing them and eliminating them from the game—but not before they act out a melodramatic death. Group members then try to determine who the Assassin is before he/she kills the entire group.

5. Pumpkin piñata 

Throw a Halloween party right at your campsite with this unique camping activity. A DIY pumpkin piñata is a great alternative to trick-or-treating in a camping setting. Before making your piñata, decide whether you want to reuse your creation. If you want a traditional piñata cracking experience by letting your group swing away to get the treats inside, follow this tutorial. Or, create a reusable piñata using a paper lantern, as shown here.  Complete the evening by dressing up in costumes, cracking the piñata, and end the night sitting around a campfire.

Adding these activities to your next fall camping trip will create new traditions your family will want to experience every year. However, you won’t get far if your RV isn’t running smoothly. Make sure your RV is ready to go by scheduling regular RV maintenance. If you’re looking for RV repair in the New Orleans area, visit us at RV Masters!