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Stuck with your RV in your driveway, or even someone else’s? Here are some fun tips for driveway camping when traditional RV campsites aren’t available in your area.

1. Set Up a “Front Porch”

Now that your traveling home isn’t doing as much traveling, you can set up a “front porch” area that expands your living space. If your RV has an awning, this can be relatively easy to do. Simply extend the awning, drape mosquito netting around it, and set your chairs up inside.

If your motor home doesn’t have an awning, you can purchase a freestanding canopy with a sun shield and a zip-up insect cover instead. You can set it flush to the side of your RV to create a “covered porch,” or place it in the yard as a “gazebo.”

2. Create a Fire Pit If Permitted

Few things are more relaxing than spending the evening watching a crackling fire. If the area you’re in permits it, create or purchase a fire pit. Don’t just start a bonfire somewhere — instead, take the time to create a small pit with bricks, cinderblocks, or even a metal container. Make sure your fire stays contained and is monitored at all times. If there’s a burn ban, wait until the ban is lifted to have a fire. Never start a fire close to your RV or home, or in an area where such activities are prohibited.

3. Cook Out

You don’t have to be on a camping adventure to enjoy the flavors of camping. If you’re parked in your driveway, you can still cook out, especially if your RV is outfitted with an outdoor stove or food prep area. Opt for traditional “camping” food like hot dogs and hamburgers and toasted marshmallows to complete the vibe.

4. Get the Hose Out

When the weather heats up and heading to a pool isn’t an option, why not break out the garden hose? Not only can you fill your RVs freshwater tank, but you can also cool off or give the kids something fun to do outside.

5. Use Creative Lighting

Make your RV feel homier by using creative lighting on the inside and outside of your RV. Replace old lighting fixtures insight with brighter options that give the space a more open feel, and set up all-weather outdoor string lights outside. If you’ve created a front porch area with a freestanding canopy or you have an awning, you can string clear or colored string lights around the top for a cozy, camp-like atmosphere right in your driveway.

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