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A/C Repair & Replacement

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Leave RV Air Conditioning Repair to the Pros

RV Air Conditioner Repair and ReplacementThe South is a great place to travel in an RV, and the New Orleans area has a lot of great things to see and do. Louisiana also has a lot of heat and humidity that can take a toll on your RV’s air conditioning system. If something goes wrong with it, don’t make the mistake of trying to fix it yourself. Instead, leave your RV air conditioning repair to the certified technicians at RV Masters. We’ll sweat the work so you can stay cool and comfortable – both during the repairs and long afterward – while traveling our great nation.


The summertime outdoor temperature in Louisiana often reaches 100 degrees, with humidity to match. When the weather is that hot, your A/C unit works overtime. That’s when you need your RV’s air conditioning system to be in its best shape. Preventive maintenance on your air conditioner and other RV systems helps to maximize the fun potential while traveling.

Proper maintenance of your RV’s A/C system means the filter is clean and fresh, no mold or mildew is building in the lines, and your condenser and evaporator are free from dust, dirt, grime and other contaminants. Clean filters, lines, and ducts ensure good, clean air, and an HVAC system that will last longer and work better on hot, humid days and warm southern nights.

You should be able to keep your A/C filters clean and do simple maintenance, but get peace of mind by having the technicians at RV Masters do an annual checkup of your air conditioners. A great RV mechanic has the experience, skills, and parts to do it right. RV Masters carries top-brand filters and other parts to keep your A/C system in great shape and your travels cool and comfortable.


Even when maintained properly, sooner or later, your camper, 5th wheel, or motorhome’s A/C system will stop working. Sometimes, the problem is a simple one that you can fix, like a dirty filter or tripped breaker. Other times, the issue could be serious enough to require total RV air conditioning replacement. Some common problems that kill RV air conditioning systems include:

  • generator malfunctions

  • leaking refrigerant

  • failed capacitors

  • thermostat issues

When your RV’s A/C unit dies, it can usually be repaired. A skilled and experienced RV mechanic can diagnose the problem and tell you what it’s going to take to repair your A/C.

Let The Pros Handle Your RV Air Conditioning Repairs

Virtually all camper A/C systems are mounted on the roof. The unit has a condenser above the roof with an evaporator in the passenger area. That keeps you nice and cool on hot, humid days down South, but it also means repairs and replacement often require removal of the unit which requires exposing a large hole in your motorhome’s roof. Once repaired, or when a new unit is ready for installation, a certified and experienced mechanic is your best option. In some cases, we can do a full RV air conditioning replacement in less than an hour. The technician will make sure the A/C unit is installed and the roof is sealed correctly. That means no leaks when raining, better service from your air conditioner, and comfort in knowing that the job was done right.

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If your RV’s air conditioning is acting up or not working at all, RV Masters in LaPlace, Louisiana, can fix it. Our skilled technicians will diagnose the problem and tell you about repair options when possible. If a total replacement is in order, we can do too. Give us a call at 504-466-3431 and get your RV’s air conditioning repair or replacement done today. We’ll keep you cool while we sweat the work.