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Appliance Repair & Replacement

RV Appliance Service

Maintain the luxuries of home on the road with maintenance, repair, upgrades, and replacement of your RV’s appliances.

Your RV is a great way to tour the nation’s most scenic sights, while feeling like you are at home. Many RVs are so comfortable and well-built, they rival many people’s homes for comfort. A big part of that comfort level comes from appliances that make your RV more like a home. Those appliances need regular maintenance, occasional repairs, or even replacement to stay in good working condition.


Your camper, 5th wheel, or motorhome contains many great appliances that enable you to travel in comfort and actually save money on lodging. Among the most common appliances RVs contain are:

  • stovetops

  • ovens

  • refrigerators

  • washers and dryers

  • microwave ovens.

  • dishwashers.

Appliance maintenance: RV refrigerator being replaced through the window on a class A motorhome

Upgrading an RV refrigerator with a residential model. The refrigerator would not fit through the door so it was inserted through a removed window.

RVs are generally very well-designed with appliances carefully situated to maximize living space and comfort. That means lots of hidden wires, electrical cords, gas lines, and other parts. Many appliances sit in recessed compartments, which hinders maintenance and repairs.


Performing regular maintenance and repairs to your RV’s appliances helps to ensure your appliances do not become potential hazards while traveling. Many RVs have gas-powered heaters, stoves, ovens, and other appliances. The gas lines and seals need maintenance to make sure they do not develop potentially deadly gas leaks. Yet, many families do not consider the potential dangers of gas lines and similar appliance connections when needed repairs are ignored. Like all mechanical things, you need to ensure regular maintenance and inspection of those hidden gas lines to ensure safety.

Fortunately, many new and more recently built RVs have all-electrical appliances, eliminating the need for propane or other gas connections. While that helps to alleviate potential problems with gas leaks, electrical issues can cause big problems, too. In most cases, electrical issues simply cause the appliance to stop working. In worst-cases, they could cause electrical shock or fire if they become damaged or exposed. Regular maintenance helps to prevent such potential dangers from occurring while your family is having fun traveling the nation’s roadways.


Your motorhome covers a lot of miles while in use. The more you travel, the more likely your appliances undergo jostling, bumping, and general wear and tear from travel and use. That adds up to eventual problems if you do not maintain or repair your appliances. Whether it is faulty seals on refrigerators, frayed electrical connections, appliances that don’t work, or other problems, the technicians at RV Masters can inspect, repair, or replace your appliances as needed. Having your RV’s appliances inspected is always a great idea before starting a new travel season or prior to any extended outing. You benefit from increased safety and reliability that helps make your travels feel like the comfort of home.


If your motorhome or 5th wheel is an older unit, you can improve it with new appliances. RV Masters can remove your old appliances and upgrade them with newer, more efficient models. If you have older appliances that use gas and you would prefer electric appliances, instead, we can upgrade them for you. Even if you have a new RV, upgrading your appliances such as the refrigerator or washer and dryer, can improve living capacity while on the road. The longer your travels, the more important your appliances become for comfort as well as practical use. RV appliance replacement is a great way to improve your RV and travels.

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