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Best RV Gadgets for 2020

For an RVer, a new year means plenty of opportunities for new adventures!  Our team at RV Masters in Kenner, Louisiana wants to make sure you are ready to hit the open road in all aspects, whether it’s taking care of your RV repair or by helping make your next RV trip a success.  Before you head out on your next RV journey, take a look at our list of fun, useful gadgets that will make RVing more enjoyable in 2020! 


No firepit at your campsite? No problem! With a mobile firepit like this one, you can bring the campfire anywhere you are without the hassle. It’s propane-fueled, so you don’t need to worry about bringing your own firewood (which will really save you space and weight while traveling). Plus, you won’t have to rekindle it or have embers land on unwanted areas of your site. The enclosed structure makes it safe to use during many fire bans, but you may want to check with your campground before using it. 


While RVing in the middle of nowhere is a dream for many campers, you’ll probably want to get in touch with friends and family at some point.  Stay connected to the outside world with mobile cell phone and WiFi signal boosters, which take an existing signal and amplify it into a specific area.  This is especially helpful if you are long-distance RVing so that you can share your adventures with others or even work right from your RV.  


Storage space is always an issue while RVing, so anything that’s made to help you utilize the space effectively is useful. This need is so widely recognized that there are tons of products on the market boasting their space-saving capabilities. One place where space-saving is important is in an RV kitchen. We recommend these collapsible mixing bowls, colanders, and plastic containers by Squish. You can also purchase a mobile dishwashing tub like this one. That way, you’re only using the space you need, when you need it.


Keeping food cold is quite a challenge while traveling, but this portable refrigerator makes it a cool breeze (literally). It’s perfect for day trips or can act as an additional food storage area in your RV. 


It may not be the most glamorous item on the list, but you can’t argue with this trash can’s practicality. Plus, it folds up when not in use to save space while traveling in your RV.


RVs have many blind spots even when using only your mirrors, so it may make sense to invest in a backup camera & observation system. Take the stress out of reversing your RV into a campsite or parking space with this gadget. Plus, it will help keep you and the others around you safe when backing up your RV. Don’t worry about installing it either, our technicians at RV Masters can do that for you! 

In addition to having the best gadgets, make sure your RV is in good condition before setting out on your next RV trip. Visit RV Masters in Kenner, Louisiana to give your RV the quality care it deserves.