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RV Masters Certified Technicians Perform Electrical Repairs to All RV Electrical Systems

In theory, the electrical system on your RV should last the life of the RV. In reality, though, your RV electrical systems likely will need repair services sooner or later. Our factory-trained and RVDA-certified technicians at RV Masters in LaPlace, LA, provide skilled and experienced electrical repairs to 110 and 12 volt systems in RV, motorhomes, and campers.

If you are having trouble with your RV’s electrical system, we can fix it. Our state-of-the-art service facility and modern diagnostic tools enable our certified technicians to diagnose and repair any electrical issues that are causing you problems. We have new power converters, 12-volt batteries, and other supplies to fix any problems your RV has with its electrical systems.


Your RV has two separate electrical systems. One uses standard 110-volt power that is the same that you use in your home. The 110-volt current is what you use when you are stopped and have your RV plugged into an electrical source at the campground or other location. The 110-volt system powers your appliances and other electrical systems while you are stopped and enjoying your time in and near the RV. It also provides power to the outlets. If you have a problem with the outlets, you likely have a problem with the 110-volt system.

Source of electrical repairs performed in the RV's electrical center and fuse panel

An onboard power converter changes the voltage from 110 to 12 volts to power lights, fans, thermostat, refrigerator, and other electrical devices. With two separate electrical systems powering just about every electrical item in your RV, if an electrical problem arises, you have lots of potential electrical repairs that might be needed. It all starts with the diagnosis and tracing the power circuit to determine where any problems are located.


The power converter is the heart of your RV’s electrical system. It keeps batteries charged and delivers power at the proper levels when connected to external electrical hookups. When you have problems with the power converter, you could have problems with the entire electrical system. We can trace problems that start with the power converter and either fix the power converter or replace it with a new one.


The 12-volt system uses the power from the 110-volt converter while plugged into a power source. When no power source is available or while your RV is moving down the road, the 12-volt system powers your appliances, lights, and other electrical systems. That power comes from your RV’s 12-volt batteries. If you have a problem with your 12-volt system, we need to trace the power source starting from the power converter. If the converter is in good shape, we move on to the connections to the 12-volt system. We need to ensure the battery is getting and holding a full charge. If not, we replace the battery and make any needed repairs to the charging system.

Schedule RV Electrical Repairs to 110 & 12 Volt Systems

If you need electrical repairs to the 110 volt system 12 volt system on your RV, we can take care of it. Just use our online scheduling tool to pick a day and time to bring your motorhome into RV Masters in LaPlace, LA. We will diagnose and correct the problem as soon as possible. Once done, your RV will continue giving you the best service for many more years.