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Cooking Your Favorite Fall RV Recipes With RV Masters

Summer might be fading into the rear-view mirror, but for Kenner LA travelers, the start of the RV season is right around the corner!

Fall is the perfect time to take your RV out for a spin and the best part of the year for delicious food shared with family and loved ones. Running RV repair in New Orleans for several decades, RV Masters knows the importance of a good, hot meal. After all, an RV trip isn’t the same without one!

Whether you’re hitting the road for a few weeks or just a couple of days, square up some tasty seasonal meals with these outstanding fall favorites.

Cooking Fall Favorites In Your RV -- 5 Delicious Recipes with RV Masters in Kenner LA; closeup image of food ingredients and pots on rv stovetop near sink with utensils hanging in window looking out at beach in rv park

5 Fall RV Recipes For Your Travels

RV Masters has you covered with delicious eats all day long, from breakfasts and dinners to oh-so-sweet desserts.

1. Easy Chili

What’s more fall than a hot bowl of chili on a cool autumn evening? This sweet and savory recipe is sure to turn heads (and noses), especially when cooking up a large batch for the family!

Check out one of our favorite fall chili recipes here.

2. Sausage & Rice Stuffed Pumpkin

Sausage and brown rice and pumpkin — oh my! This delectable treat is a feast for the senses, even long before you take the first bite. The combination of pumpkin and sausage is one of the best pairings of the season, while brown rice makes for a meal that sticks to your bones.

Find out how to make a bowl for yourself with this helpful stuffed pumpkin recipe.

3. Sweet Potato & Bean Tacos

Put a fall season twist on a Tuesday night classic with sweet potato chunks, savory beans, and thick corn shells! If you really want to go the extra mile, you can whip up some guacamole and toasted pumpkin seeds.

Learn all about it with this fall season recipe here.

4. Baked Apples

Apples? Brown sugar? Butter? What’s not to love? The tastiness of a fall-baked apple cannot be overstated. Not only is this a classic recipe for RV trips, but it’s perfect for folks with a sweet tooth.

For added effect, roast these apples over the fire!

5. Pumpkin Oatmeal Muffins

Muffins are a wonderful treat for breakfasts, snacks, and dinner desserts. Treat yourself to the wholesome flavors of oatmeal, pumpkin, and spices baked right in your RV’s kitchen! 

Get this amazing fall recipe at this link here.

Make Your Next RV Trip A Recipe For Success With RV Masters

As a professional at RV repair in New Orleans, LA, the folks at RV Masters have spent years helping folks just like you to prep for fall season trips. Our RV repair services run from maintenance and installation to general upkeep focused on your individual needs and RV requirements.

Before heading out on your autumn road trip, have your RV checked up and down by the pros at RV Masters. Give us a call at (504) 466-3431 to schedule an appointment, or text us at (504) 867-9797 to inquire about specific RV repair. No matter the season, we’re here to help!