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5 Tips for Surviving the Holidays as a Full-Time RVer in New Orleans, LA

Living in a non-traditional home can increase stress or loneliness around the holidays. However, even full-time RVers have plenty of options for surviving the holidays. At RV Masters in Kenner, LA, we understand your situation and believe you can find brilliant ways to bring comfort and joy to your holiday season. With these five tips for surviving the holidays, you will reignite your festive cheer.

1. Host a Holiday Gathering

Often, full-time RVers find themselves missing the camaraderie that defines the holiday season. Hosting a holiday gathering helps friends, family, and other RVers mingle, share holiday traditions and participate in fun activities. Going caroling, hosting a potluck, or organizing a White Elephant exchange are low-budget options that bring lots of holiday cheer.

5 Tips for Surviving the Holidays as a Full-Time RVer in New Orleans, La with RV Masters in Kenner, La. image of parked white rv with chair next to campfire and bush with christmas lights

2. Decorate Your RV

Nothing helps to inspire holiday cheer as much as decorations. As a full-time RVer, you may not have the space for large or excessive decor, but many holiday decorations still work in smaller areas. Lights, wreaths, and garlands immediately add a festive touch, and stockings can hang from nearly anywhere. Decorating your RV could serve as a fun activity for you and your family to capture some holiday magic.

3. Volunteer!

The holiday season offers us a time to look outside of ourselves and think about how we can help others. If you want to escape your RV for a few hours or even a whole day, you can research local organizations that need volunteers. By giving your time or resources to others, you learn more about the local community, meet new people and foster a sense of connection.

4. Keep Comforting Traditions

Full-time RVers can find a lot of joy in indulging in holiday traditions. You can watch all of your favorite holiday films throughout the season or make well-loved holiday treats, such as decorated cookies or peppermint bark. If you find yourself thinking about friends and family, send greeting cards to say you love them and wish them Happy Holidays.

5. Prepare for Winter Weather

Practically, you should get your RV serviced as the seasons start to change. You don’t want to suffer through leaks, damages, or malfunctions during winter weather. Whether you decide to travel during the holidays or stay in one place, finding an RV service place you trust to ensure your RV is in good working condition, like RV Masters, is crucial. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on the joy around the holidays instead.

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