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Fun Ways To Keep Children Entertained On An RV Trip

RV trips offer a wonderful experience that is fun for the whole family. From visiting new locations to dining at delicious restaurants, spending time on the open road with loved ones is engaging, heartfelt, and exciting.

Except for the driving part, that is.

The amount of driving done on road trips may be dull, especially when traveling through flat countryside or long straight highways. This could bore even the most resilient of people, including adults. For children coming along for the ride, these long stretches of driving are simply unbearable. Hungry, tired, and unhappy, bored children often bring down the mood for parents and loved ones. 

Fun Ways To Keep Children Entertained On An RV Trip with your friends at RV Masters in Kenner La image of twin girls laying on their stomachs with feet up on top of rv bunk smiling

Nobody wants to see their children unhappy, especially while on a vacation-style road trip. That’s why the team at RV Masters has pulled together a list of fun ways to keep kids entertained while on the road.

How To Entertain Kids On An RV Road Trip (Kenner LA Style)

Check out this list of fun activities for kids before they get bored on your RV trip.

1. Pack Some Video Games

In the era of technology, one of the fastest ways to keep kids entertained is to have them submerged into a digital landscape. Some consoles can be brought along, such as Nintendo products like the Switch or DS or an XBOX. Others games may need to have additional console support. If your RV can handle another running machine, consider organizing a tournament to keep the kiddos entertained. Who knows? Maybe some of the adults can get in on the fun!

2. Get Hands-On With Crafts

Crafting something constructive will help kids stay focused, interested, and engaged with your journey. If possible, theme RV crafts toward your trip’s end goal destination. Are you headed to the woods? Have younger children fill out a coloring sheet with trees, mountains, or camping-related items. Are you planning on heading to a big city? Think about having them draw a picture of some landmarks (consider Lady Liberty, the Empire State Building, and more).

The bottom line is to direct your children towards tactile activities to draw their attention away from the road. Everyone will be much happier!

3. Play Some RV Games

Remember playing car games with your family as a child? Now it’s time to take things a step further with RV games! Here are some fun variations no matter where you’re driving:

  • Try and count the licenses from all 50 states.
  • Find something that starts with each letter of the alphabet.
  • Go in a circle and make a story using one word each.
  • Play I-Spy with features on the road.
  • Count the number of cows you pass (the highest number wins!)

No two kids are alike, which means that not all children will respond well to the activities above. Try each of them and keep an eye on what sticks, then look for variations to keep the fun from becoming repetitive.

Before you hit the road with the family, stop by the RV Masters in Kenner, LA, for a complete once-over of your machine. We’ve got years of experience keeping families safe, making it easier to get where you’re going faster than ever. Call us at (504) 466-3431, and we’ll get you in the shop as soon as possible.