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How to Fix Low Water Pressure in RV

The biggest benefit of camping in an RV is all its creature comforts. From the built-in kitchen to the warm, cozy bed, it’s fun to enjoy the great outdoors with the help of modern conveniences. But what do you do if one of these comforts is compromised, like the water pressure in your pipes?

Low water pressure in an RV is a downright frustrating experience, and even a trip-destroyer under certain circumstances. Sure, you can still get a little water from the tap, but you’ll be hard-pressed to do it quickly. And don’t even think about taking a shower — or even flushing the toilet!

Thankfully, low water pressure in an RV is usually a fixable issue. Let’s take a closer look at how to identify low water pressure, as well as how to fix the problem with the help of RV services. But first, let’s get a little background on how (and why) low water pressure issues happen in the first place.

Rv camping next to the lake on a sunny summer day

What Causes Low Water Pressure In RV?

There are so many reasons why your Kenner RV could be experiencing low water pressure issues. Some of the most significant of these include:

  • Low campground water pressure
  • Serious leaks
  • Old or dated water pumps
  • Poor individual faucets
  • Broken internal systems

Can your low water pressure issue get resolved with a quick fix, or will you need more intensive RV services to restore your investment? Let’s take a look at how you can tell.

The RV Maintenance Guide To Low Water Pressure

The best way to figure out what’s wrong with your RV’s water pressure is to troubleshoot the entire trailer inside and out. If you don’t have time for this or want some additional assistance, you can always turn to the RV services at RV Masters.

Either way, here’s what needs to be done:

Check the hose line

Low water pressure could be as simple as a faulty water line. Put on your shoes and take a short walk to see if your water line is bent, leaky, or on an incline. If so, you can usually make things better by:

  • Straightening out the hose
  • Patching the line temporarily (until you can purchase a new one)
  • Repositioning the RV so the line is on flat ground

If none of this helps, you’ll need to continue checking for problems.

Watch the water filter

A clogged water filter could lead to water backups, which lowers the pressure inside your RV. To avoid this, you should replace water filters every three to six months. You should also carry an extra in case something unexpected happens (like a low water pressure issue).

If this still doesn’t help and your water pressure is still too low, there may be one final culprit.

Check the campground’s water pressure

If you’ve checked everywhere else and aren’t sure what the problem is, it may not be a you issue — it might be a them issue. Check with your campground to get more information about their psi, or use a pressure gauge to check the numbers for yourself. If your campground’s water pressure is less than 30 psi, you’ve likely found the source of the problem.

Did none of these pointers help you troubleshoot your issue? There could be a serious internal problem with your RV that requires an expert to resolve. If you’ve run out of options and aren’t sure where to turn, call the pros at RV Masters to get help right away.

Stop Looking For ‘RV Services Near Me’ In Kenner LA — Call RV Masters Instead

A low water pressure problem is the last thing you want during a relaxing vacation with your family. However, it’s a very preventable (and fixable) issue with the right team by your side. The pros at RV Masters have years of experience resolving water pressure issues for all makes and models, with decades of results and lasting solutions for customers. We’ll get your motorized RV back into tip-top shape — just watch us go!

You can get in touch with the RV Masters at (504) 466-3431 to discuss your low water pressure concerns. Alternatively, you can bring your vehicle to our RV maintenance shop at 2504 Lexington Street, Kenner LA 70062. Remember: service isn’t a department for us — it’s our entire business model!