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Is it Time to Reseal My RV Roof?

Owning an RV can be incredibly rewarding — so long as you keep the roof maintained. If part of the seal starts to leak or the seams begin to fail, you may be left with a frustrating (and expensive) family vacation.

Regularly resealing your RV roof is your first line of defense against unwanted roof leaks. By scheduling regular maintenance services to reseal RV rubber roofs, you can keep cracks and gaps from ruining your upcoming trip.

But when should you schedule these roof sealing services? And what material should you use?

Let’s take a closer look.

Repair caravan motor home roof

When To Reseal Your RV Roof

You should inspect your RV roof for cracks, gaps, or wear at least once every six months. You can either take a look for yourself, or hire professional inspectors to apply a seasoned eye.

You should also plan to reseal your RV roof every two to four years. This should be more frequent if the local weather is bad, or if harsh rains are expected along the Gulf Coast.

The bottom line: you should have your roof inspected for signs of wear every time you bring it in for inspection. If you’re planning on taking a long or cross-state journey, consider bringing your RV to professionals for a pre-trip roof inspection.

Sealant Options For Your RV Roof

Is it about time to repair your RV roof? It’s time to pick the perfect sealant to get the job done.

You have three options to choose from:

  1. DIY Roof Sealant: You can buy DIY sealants at any major RV or automotive store. But beware: the cheapest sealant option isn’t always the most effective. Not only do you have to consider all the manual labor involved, but you have to resign yourself to the fact that mistakes can and do happen. One missed area could lead to leaks in the future — and a not-so-fun experience in the great outdoors.
  2. Non-Liquid Sealants: Some RV owners opt for non-liquid sealants, including foam and tape. Unfortunately, both of these options are known to leak and likely can’t withstand more than a few road trips. It’s highly recommended to pursue more long-lasting alternatives, including self-leveling lap sealant or acrylic coating.
  3. Dicor Sealant: It’s no wonder why Dicor is one of the biggest names in RV roof sealants. Many of their products, including their lap sealer, are high-quality, long-lasting, and extremely durable while on the road.

Although you can use Dicor sealant on your own, it may be wise to consider a professional partnership (for all the reasons listed above). The team at RV Masters in Kenner LA would be happy to do this on your behalf.

Get The Roof Repair RV Owners Deserve

At RV Masters in Kenner LA, we believe in empowering our customers to do more of what they love — which includes taking vacations in your family RV under a roof that doesn’t risk your health or wellness. We provide long-lasting roof repair services with cutting-edge products to help you and your loved ones rest easy on the road.

Here’s how we reseal RVs:

  • We start by cleaning and conditioning your RV roof. We want to make sure we get rid of all dirt and grime before moving on to the sealing process.
  • Next, we visually inspect the roof membrane for cracks, gaps, and other signs of age. We need to understand the full extent of your roofing concerns before performing the next step.
  • Our experts now visually inspect your roof sealant to look for signs of wear and tear. This allows us to focus our efforts on protecting your roof with a seamless product application stage.
  • Finally, RV Masters can reseal your roof with some help from Dicor sealant. We rely on their lap sealer and several other products to deliver a clean and crack-free result.


RV Masters isn’t just another RV repair company; we’re the industry leader in South Louisiana. And with dozens of happy customers and five-star reviews, our work with roof repair simply speaks for itself.

Ready to get started? You can learn more about our roof repair process by calling (504) 466-3431 today. Rather chat in-person with our team at the shop? Drop by to visit us at 2504 Lexington Street, Kenner, LA 70062. We look forward to you contacting us soon.