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Keeping Cool During Your Hot Summer Trip: RV Air Conditioning Maintenance

In the heart of summer, there’s nothing better than getting your RV out on the open road and seeing all your favorite sites. Along the way, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the comfort of reliable air-conditioning. However, the various comforts of your motorhome — like A/C — are not immune to the at-times severe conditions of the summer months. When you start to have problems with your RV’s A/C, don’t wait to take action. Keep reading to discover some of the ways that you can stay cool in your RV as well as prevent problems with your air conditioning unit before they happen. We’re here to make sure that you enjoy your motorhome without interruption this summer!

Reduce Light Exposure 

Man doing maintenance on his RV air conditioning unit

The first precaution you can take to keep your RV cool in the warmer months is to reduce the amount of light, and therefore heat, that your RV receives on a daily basis. There are multiple strategies to achieve this goal, perhaps the most obvious being to close the windows to your motorhome early in the morning so that the warm air cannot filter as easily in and out of your space. Another strategy to effectively reduce the heat retained in your motorhome is to install shades on all of your windows. Of course, light-filtering shades will allow more heat to enter your RV than blackout curtains – weigh the pros and cons of your options while considering the aesthetic you would like to achieve. Covering the skylight above the shower area will also reduce the amount of heat entering your space. Lastly, swap incandescent light bulbs for LED’s to create a more environmentally-friendly energy source that also reduces heat. Taking these recommendations into consideration will definitely assist in taking some of the load off of your RV’s A/C as well!

Exterior RV Maintenance New Orleans 

By performing preventative maintenance, you can significantly reduce the chance of cooling problems in your RV. Start by closely examining the exterior plastic covering over your RV’s A/C unit that is typically found on the roof. It is imperative that this covering remains in excellent condition — any cracks or splits in the plastic will allow inclement weather to enter the unit, inevitably damaging your RV’s air conditioning system. After ensuring that your exterior covering is intact and undamaged, check that the unit is securely mounted. If it is loose, you run the risk of having serious water damage inside your motorhome. By keeping an eye on your exterior A/C unit plastic covering as well as its mounting, you greatly reduce the chance of cooling problems in the future. 

Clean Filter and Coils 

After checking your exterior A/C unit cover and mount, it’s time to go inside your motorhome. Once you have located the interior A/C unit, inspect and clean it from within. Carefully remove its foam filters and wash them with soapy water. You can also use the vacuum with the shroud removed. Next, take a look at your coils/cooling fins. The fins should be straight — if you come across any bent fins, use a comb or dull knife to return them to their original position. Be sure to be gentle to avoid puncturing the evaporator tubes. These tips and tricks will help reduce the light and heat within your RV so that you keep cool on your next vacation! 

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