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Plan Accordingly During COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted every sector of the economy and this even includes the outdoors. One of the great ways to get away from the stress of the pandemic is to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors with a camping trip. Sadly, not every campground is going to be open. It is important for everyone to know where to go when it comes to camping during COVID-19.


The situation surrounding COVID-19 seems to change by the day, which is why it is helpful to look at updated information on Campendium. Campendium has worked hard to remain up to date when it comes to local parks. They have a helpful search box that everyone can use to find parts that are open near them. By using the search box, visitors will have access to not only a list of open sites but also a map showing where they are located.

While Campendium does keep their list up to date, some situations change so quickly that even this reliable website cannot keep up. Therefore, it is always important to call ahead and confirm that the campground is open. Remember that just because a state park might be open doesn’t mean they are allowing people to camp there overnight. This is why it is important to call ahead. Campendium also has an app that people can use on mobile devices.

RV Life

A reliable website for all things that are related to RVs and camping, RV Life is another reliable source for those who want to go camping. On RV Life, visitors will be able to go through a state by state breakdown of everything that is open or closed. The website also has links to helpful local resources for more up to date information. Of note, All US Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds have closed. Again, it is important for everyone to call any specific campground ahead of time to confirm whether they are open for camping. There is also a helpful RV life app that people can use.

The United States National Park Service

Finally, it is also a good idea to visit the United States National Park Service website. When they are responding to an incident, such as COVID-19, they usually post updated information to let everyone know what is happening. The Park Service coordinates closely with state and local authorities in addition to the CDC and FEMA. Visitors can take a look at state and national park closures in addition to collecting more information on where openings and closings might be taking place in the near future. Don’t forget about the apps offered by the National Park Service.

Precautions for Camping During COVID-19 from RV Masters

For those who want to go camping during COVID-19, there are a few precautions that everyone should take. These include:

  • Cover hands in dog poop bags while touching high-contact points, such as gas nozzles
  • Make sure to wash hands regularly and use hand sanitizer when water might not be immediately available
  • Consider using deluxe camping options that might be cleaned more frequently
  • Wear masks and practice social distancing, particularly with those who live in other areas

Anyone who would like to learn more about camping during COVID-19 should contact RV Masters today!