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Fire Suppression Systems

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The Importance Of Fire Suppression Systems

RV Fire Suppression Systems with RV Masters in Kenner La image of proteng system tubes

Not every RV is equipped to handle an unexpected fire. Because of this, fire suppression equipment should be installed behind large appliances and other machinery, remaining out of sight within the body of the RV. If a fire were to start within the vehicle, fire suppression systems would identify combustion and act as an extinguisher.

All RV owners should invest in fire suppression systems before hitting the open road. Not only can this machinery protect your great investment, but it could save the lives of your pets, loved ones, and family members.

  • RV fire suppression systems eliminate fires before they grow out of control by detecting and suppressing initial heat.
  • 20,000 RV fires occur each year, some of them going entirely undetected. These fires result in devastating effects, including ten deaths, 100 injuries, and more than 58.5 million dollars in lost materials per year.
  • The vast majority of RV fires are preventable with maintenance, upkeep, and fire suppression systems.

The importance of ongoing
fire suppression systems in your RV cannot be overstated. If you currently do not have one installed in your vehicle, you may want to consider it immediately.

RV Fire Suppression Systems

There are many types of RV fire suppression systems, some of which are dependent on the vehicle in question. In general, fire suppression systems are equipped to handle various circumstances with cutting-edge technology. Instead of waiting until the fire has already started, suppression systems rely on sensory technology to detect combustion before it occurs.

  • RV fire suppression systems are completely self-contained and 100% heat-activated.
  • The best fire suppressions systems on the market are fully automatic and activate on their own. This eliminates the need for unsightly buttons, pins, or levers and reduces human liability in the event of an accident.
  • Some RV fire suppression systems go the extra mile in their cost-effective attributes. By reducing operational errors with tube heat technology, fire suppressants are both non-toxic and non-corrosive.
  • The materials left behind by fire suppressant systems do not leave stains, discolorations, or residue, which protects your investment inside and out.

Fire suppression begins with preparation. Choose an RV fire suppression system with
RV Masters for year-round protection.

RV Fire Suppression Systems Installation with RV Masters in Kenner La image of installed fire suppression system in RV at the shop

The Benefits Of RV Fire Suppression Installation

No matter how often or how far you travel in your RV, investing in fire suppression systems is always a wise choice.

  • RV fire suppressants are eco-friendly, making them safe for people, pets, and our planet.
  • Fire suppressant systems help defend against fires even while RV owners are gone (off-season storage).
  • Properly functioning systems can save RV owners as much as $17,000 on average.
  • Suppressing fires before they begin will protect your property from self-propelled and non-propelled combustible action.

It is vital to invest in proper RV
fire suppression systems before taking any long-term trips. Submit an online contact form to the RV Masters to schedule a consultation.

RV Fire Suppression Installation

Once you have secured the fire suppression systems of your choice, the professional crew at RV Masters will be prepared to provide installation and wiring services for your vehicle.

Since the beginning, RV Masters has provided clients with peace of mind and strong protection against RV fires and potential damages. We are prepared to offer customized solutions for clients of all needs, including automatic fire suppression packages for:

  • Gas absorption refrigerators
  • Generators
  • Battery compartments
  • And more!

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