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RV Floor modifications (Tile, wood plank, carpet, etc.)

Floor Modification

The  flooring is one of the most noticeable — and functional — aspects of a recreational vehicle (RV). It’s important that the rv flooring is not only attractive but also durable and suitable for use in the motorhome.

RV Masters has an excellent reputation for high-quality rv flooring repair and remodeling services in LaPlace, Louisiana and surrounding areas. We take pride in ensuring our customers receive the best RV products and repair service available.

RV Flooring Repair

Almost every RV owner will need to have the floor in their motor home repaired at some point in their adventuring. RVs take a lot of wear and tear on the road, and the flooring bears the brunt. In such a small space, water leaks are also an issue — one leak could potentially cause floor rot or soft spots across an entire side of a motor home.

At RV Masters, we know how frustrating it can be to be faced with flooring problems in your RV. Whether you need to address an ongoing issue or are in need of an emergency repair, we can help.

Floor Remodeling

Your RV should look and feel like your home away from home. Flooring plays a significant role in the function and aesthetic of your motorhome, and it’s important to select flooring that will work for your individual needs. At RV Masters, we specialize in a wide variety of RV flooring, including but not limited to:


Laminate is a top choice for RV floors due to its versatility and durability. Laminate can give you the best of both worlds: the look of ceramic tile or authentic wood grain with superior affordability and usability. Not only does laminate look great, it’s also easy to keep clean — an important factor for on-the-go families.

RV flooring repair process
Some remodels are more involved.


Tile flooring is another popular choice for motor home kitchens and bathrooms. There are many materials that can be used to create tiles, such as ceramic, limestone, slate, marble, granite, glass, and brick. Tile tends to be heavier than laminate and is something you should take into consideration prior to having tile floors installed in your RV. Limit your use of tile for decorative purposes in small areas to avoid adding more weight than necessary.

Wood Plank

Sometimes, it takes true hardwood flooring to achieve the aesthetic you want for your RV. Wood plank can help your motor home look more like a real home, increasing its value. Consider wood in highly visible areas, like the kitchen and living area. 


Carpet is an excellent option in specific areas of a motor home, both to muffle sound and to create a homier feel. Bedrooms and areas you convert for sleeping should have high-quality carpet, as well as living areas. Keep carpet out of high-traffic areas, like the kitchen and hallway.

Floor Remodeling Experts Ready to Serve You

At RV Masters, we are specialists in helping you select the right flooring for your RV. We’ll discuss with you the benefits of different types of flooring and ensure we stay within your predetermined budget.

RV Masters — A Leader in LaPlace RV Flooring Customization

RV Masters is a leader in LaPlace, LA RV flooring customization. Contact us today to learn more about repairing or renovating your recreational vehicle at (504)-466-3431

RV floor before replacement
RV floors after replacement