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RV Generator Repairs and Replacement

Keeping The Power On
When You’re Unplugged

RV Generator Repairs or Replacement Keeps Power Flowing

Your RV needs electricity to keep things cool and comfortable while out on your travels. The vast majority of generators used in RVs last many years, but repairs and replacement are inevitable. When your generator goes down or you otherwise lose your electrical power, your motorhome becomes unlivable.

Instead of tackling an electrical problem on your RV by yourself, it is best to have a qualified RV mechanic diagnose the problem and apprise you of the situation. Often times, the problems are relatively common and easy to fix with simple RV generator or electrical repairs. A qualified mechanic always is best to ensure the fix gets done right and does not create potentially shocking problems down the road.

Generator Repairs - An Onan RV Generator being repaired by a rv mechanic at RV Masters in Kenner, LA

When RV Generator Repair Is the Best Solution

An RV generator is capable of lasting many years while reliably producing electricity. When an electrical problem arises, it does not mean your generator is shot. It might simply mean a related electrical part has worn out and needs a quick repair or replacement. So long as the generator is in good shape and capable of working many more years without problems, then simple and affordable repairs can get you on your way to your next family outing in your motorhome.

Common Problems That Are Repairable

Before concluding your generator is the problem, we need to ensure other electrical components are not at fault. All RV generators have a control circuit board that makes everything work properly. If the control board is dirty or corroded, you might have electrical problems due to poor connections. A thorough cleaning can restore proper electrical service.

Your electrical system also might have corroded terminals, damaged sockets, diodes that are burned out, a low battery, oil pressure issues, and other problems that affect your RV generator’s ability to produce power and make your RV more like a home. A certified and experienced RV mechanic can correct all of those issues and more with timely generator repairs.

Sometimes, RV Generator Replacement Is the Only Option

When the components are all in good shape and the generator still does not work as designed, replacement will correct it. A built-in RV generator is not a simple thing to replace, which is why a qualified RV mechanic should do this repair. The potential for damage to your motorhome’s body as well as the need to ensure proper and safe installation require an experienced and trained mechanic to do the job right.

An RV generator eventually will give out, and built-in models can be particularly troublesome. With an RV body shop on site and qualified mechanics using the proper tools, we can do a full RV generator replacement quickly and affordably.

Schedule Your RV Generator Repairs or Replacement Now

Our certified technicians at RV Masters in LaPlace, Louisiana, can diagnose, repair, or replace your RV’s faulty generator.  We have top brands available and can do a full replacement of a built-in generator in a short time. Our highly trained and certified RV mechanics will bring your RV into our state-of-the-art RV service facility and repair or replace your generator as needed.

Our RV body shop applies final sealant and external touches needed to ensure your built-in RV generator is installed properly and sealed against the external elements. Our RV body shop also helps with the initial removal to prevent any  potential damage to the body of your motorhome.

Once we have the new generator installed, working correctly, and delivering power safely, your motorhome is ready for more great travels across Louisiana and other great locales. Just give us a call or stop in and we can diagnose and correct your RV electrical problems.