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Regular maintenance of your RV is crucial for maximizing its lifespan. In the New Orleans area, our hot and humid climate can pose challenges such as mold growth, heatwaves, and battery issues. To ensure that your RV stays in top condition, follow the checklist below. Need guidance on the optimal RV maintenance schedule? Our experts have provided a detailed recommendation at the end of this guide.

Essential RV Maintenance In La Place, LA

Surviving the hot and humid weather in New Orleans demands specific RV maintenance. Here’s how RV Masters can assist you:

Sealant Checks (To Prevent Leaks From Frequent Rains)

Our team will conduct a thorough inspection of the sealant around your entire RV, identifying any signs of damage that could lead to leaks during frequent rains. If necessary, we’ll recommend and facilitate a roof replacement to prevent water from seeping inside, averting potential mold and mildew growth.

Mold and Mildew Prevention

To prevent the growth of mold and mildew, our experts will promptly seal any cracks or gaps. Additionally, we may recommend the use of a small dehumidifier to mitigate excess moisture, especially in vulnerable areas such as the carpet.

Battery Maintenance (Given Potential For Temperature Fluctuations)

Considering New Orleans’ fluctuating temperatures, our team emphasizes the importance of regular RV battery maintenance. We’ll monitor your battery’s charge and advise you on best practices, including maintaining fluid levels and recharging the battery once it reaches 40% power.

Tire Checks (Especially Important With Varied Road Conditions)

Our technicians will conduct comprehensive tire inspections, checking for signs of dry rot, splits, or cracks before each trip. We’ll also ensure your tires are properly inflated and not exhibiting any signs of sagging.

Fresh Water System Care

Maintaining a clean and functional water system is vital for a seamless road trip experience. Our maintenance service includes regular flushing, bleaching, and sanitizing of the holding tank to prevent mold and bacteria buildup.

Protective RV Covers

We recommend using an RV cover to shield your vehicle from excessive heat and rain, effectively reducing the need for extensive maintenance and repair.

Clear Ventilation Tips

Our team will ensure your RV has optimal ventilation by clearing any debris, removing interior obstructions, and suggesting the installation of MaxxAir vent covers.

RV Insulation

To provide you with year-round comfort, we may recommend the addition of extra insulation, such as FlexArmor, to regulate temperature fluctuations and enhance overall insulation efficiency.

Set Up A Seasonal Maintenance Schedule With RV Masters

For your New Orleans RV, we suggest:

To schedule an RV check-up, contact RV Masters for a thorough RV maintenance and inspection service. Reach us at (504) 466-3431 or visit our parts and service location at 1041 E. Airline Hwy., Laplace, LA 70068.