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For Immediate Release

April 18, 2019
Contact: Tim Switzer


Kenner, LA – RV Masters, the region’s leading RV Repair company for over 16 years, announces its new certification as an authorized FlexArmor provider at its Kenner location. The Louisiana-based company is the only authorized FlexArmor provider in the state.

RV’s are a huge investment, so quality of care and maintenance are integral to keeping them in good shape and running order. One of the easiest-forgotten, and often neglected elements of that care is the roof, which over time can sustain progressive damage in both large and small doses. Accidents can happen, but even simple things like weather, rain, and sun can take a significant toll on the structural integrity, resulting in expensive and time-consuming repair or replacement. The proactive application of roof sealant can save owners that time, trouble, and money, and with new advances in technology becoming available, that solution is even easier than it’s been before.

FlexArmor is a polyurea roof alternative specially designed for RV’s. Applied as a spray, it dries in six seconds and is three times thicker than any other industry protective coating. Solid, durable, and tough, it offers a seamless roof finish and long-lasting defense against leaks, dents, and weather damage. It is one of the most advanced roofing systems developed for the market.

Installers must qualify to install the patented formula, with intensive training and inspection of the service workshop. The training is exacting and specialized, and technicians must pass rigorous standards before certification is awarded. Once the course is completed, FlexArmor does a full inspection of the provider workspace to ensure proper standards and to supervise the initial customer installations. The certification takes a large amount of time and commitment, but the specialized care made it worthwhile to RV Masters and its clientele.

“The system was a big investment, but I’m so happy we made it,” says RV Masters owner Tim Switzer. He had used another product on his own RV, and after a few weeks found it lacking in quality and effectiveness. Unhappy with the results, he began searching for better alternatives for himself as well as the customers who rely on his team. “I knew I needed to find a product for them that I could stand behind.”

FlexArmor was the ideal solution, and after extensive research and product comparison, Switzer decided to send not one, but two technicians to FlexArmor’s headquarters in Florida for the two-week training course.

RV Masters has provided RV service and repair to the New Orleans region since 2003. The company provides lifetime RV roof repair service to customers statewide and beyond, from Baton Rouge and New Orleans to their home base in Kenner.