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Slide Out Issues and Repairs

Slide Out Issues

The Most Common Problems with RV Slide Outs

If you have slide-outs on your RV, you understand some of the major benefits that come with this added feature. At the same time, slide-outs do require a fair bit of maintenance in order to make sure they keep working properly. If you are experiencing slide-out issues on your RV, there are a few possible reasons why.

A Faulty Gearbox or Motor

If you have a slide-out that is driven by a motor and it isn’t working properly, then there might be an issue with the gear system or motor. If the motor fails, the mechanism will come to a halt, preventing your RV slide-out from moving in or out. If you are trying to work your slide-out and it doesn’t appear to be responding, this could be the issue.

An Overloaded Motor

As you move the slide-out on your RV in and out, you might feel like there is too much resistance. This added resistance will cause the motor on your slide-out to draw an excessive amount of current. This is because the motor is trying to draw enough power to overcome the resistance that is in place. In this situation, the load on the slide-out’s motor might cause the circuitry in the RV to trip. This can lead to a damaged motor. For this reason, if you feel like your slide-out has an excessive amount of resistance, don’t force it to continue to draw power. Instead, it is a good idea to reach out to a trained professional to ask for help.

Drive Pins that Are Sheared

Your slide-out mechanism likely has a gear drive that has to work properly in order for your slide-out to function. Underneath the drive mechanism is a set of drive pins. If your slide-out is exposed to an excessive amount of strain or stress, this could cause the pins to shear. These shearing forces can destroy your slide-out drive pins, causing the entire slide to cease operation.

Pump, Valve, or Hydraulic Line Failures

If you have a slide-out that is operated by the hydraulic system, then you might experience problems related to the pump, lines, or valves. This takes place because the hydraulic pump

Slide-out issues: Removed RV slide out getting ready for repairs

Damaged RV slide out removed for repair.

Common slide-out issues are like this picture of a broken electric actuator.

A broken actuator, commonly caused by improper maintenance.

triggers a set of rams and actuators. Similar to other parts of your slide-out, these parts have to be properly maintained. If this does not happen, then the components might start to wear out. Without proper hydraulic system operation, your slide-out will not function properly. In this case, it is important to reach out to trained professionals who can take a closer look at the entire slide-out system and figure out what went wrong.

Routine Wear and Tear Leading to a Broken RV Slide

Finally, one of the most common problems that might arise with an RV slide-out system has to do with routine wear and tear. As your RV ages, your slide-out is going to be exposed to friction and heat. As this stress builds up, your slide-outs might experience breakdowns or leaks. While this is to be expected after a certain period of time, you want to make sure that you get as many years out of your slide-out system as possible. This is where routine maintenance can be helpful in extending the life of your RV’s slide-out system.

Rely on RV Masters for All Slide Out Repair Needs

These are just a few of the most common reasons why a slide-out system might malfunction. If you have a broken RV slide and would like to learn more about having it repaired, call RV Masters today to make an appointment!