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Why FlexArmor Roof System is the Best Choice for Your RV

You invested time and money in your choice of RV and want to ensure it runs smoothly for years and enjoy stress-free vacations. Like any investment, you must look after it, and RVs are no exception. Most people who own an RV think about the inside design and furnishing along with servicing the engine. What they usually forget about is the roof. 

How often do you climb up on the roof of your RV to inspect for damage? The roof is exposed to wear and tear due to the elements, rain, sunshine, winds, and flying branches, all of which break down the roof’s integrity over time. 

What happens if your RV roof system begins to fail you? You have a choice which roof system to use, and here’s why FlexArmor Roof System is the best choice.

An employee treating an rv roof by spraying the "Flexarmor" sealant that RV Masters uses.

Roof Maintenance

Ongoing roof maintenance will help with one exception; the lap sealant used for caulking joints is most at risk. This is the number one reason for leaks and damage, no matter how often you maintain the roof of your RV. Most roofs have caulking joints, and there are two solutions to repair joints that have broken down. 

You can continuously re-caulk every joint and seam which is time-consuming and costly or annihilate the caulking joints with a seamless waterproof seal giving you peace of mind that your RV won’t leak and cause internal damage.

RV Roof Repairs

An outstanding solution for RV Roof Repairs is to coat it with a sealant like FlexArmor or Pro-Tec, giving you a fully protected defense against leaks, dents, and water damage. EPDM Rubber roofs, TPO Vinyls, and Aluminium roofs require caulking and resealing continuously to repair puncture cracks, leaving you with oxidation streaks. 

FlexArmor is easy to clean, puncture-resistant, and increases the strength of the roof. A considerable advantage is that it provides insulation protecting the inside of the RV against the cold and heat. Proven in the RV industry, it stays flexible in the cold, is hail proof, and 100% repairable.

FlexArmor Offers a Range of Advantages

Most RV roofs are made from a layer of EPDM or TPO membrane and Dicor self-leveling lap sealant to seal the screw heads, edges, pipes, and vents, which lasts for a limited period. Once exposed to the sun, rain, wind, heat, and cold, the Dicor sealant breaks down over time, allowing water to penetrate the membrane, which can cause wood rot and mold.

Spray-On for Your Convenience

FlexArmor is a revolutionary spray-on RV roof system that removes all potential for hazardous leaks. Think of FlexArmor as the last RV Roof repair you will ever need. It has an approximate 20-year life span compared with Pro-Tec, which only has a 10-12 year life span. 

Lifetime Warranty for Peace of Mind

Considered one of the most robust Roof systems, it comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s the only sprayed, pure polyurea in the RV industry and is dry to the touch in 6 seconds. FlexArmor roofs are three times thicker than other industry options, something not possible to achieve with Pro-Tec, especially if you do it yourself with a product from a hardware store.

Clean, Consistent Application is Key

Because a FlexArmor roof is sprayed on indoors, specialists can completely strip the existing caulk and remove all parts such as air conditioners, without worrying about the weather. The rooftop is stripped down to bare basics where the substrate is cleaned and repaired to a high standard.

A leaky roof can destroy an RV, and often it remains hidden until it’s too late. In addition to FlexArmor roof systems, which provide the best roof protection available, also check out our preventative RV maintenance packages that are surprisingly cost-effective. Contact us now on 504-466-3431 or email today for all your RV repairs and maintenance.