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11 RV Fire Safety Tips For Your Kenner, LA Camper 

Fire is one of the most dangerous circumstances for any camper. Today, more than 20,000 RV fires occur every year, putting property, pets, and people in the path of danger.

It is important to take basic steps to ensure your safety when using an RV in Kenner, LA. Some simple precautions today can help you avoid a potentially disastrous situation tomorrow. 

Getting started with RV fire safety in Kenner, LA is easier than you’d think. Here are 11 straightforward tips that supply all the information you need about fire protection, proactivity, and protocol.

RV Fire Safety Tips For Your Kenner, LA Camper | RV Masters. Image of red fire extinguisher and a fire in the background.

1. Keep an eye on the brakes.

Poorly maintained brakes are extremely dangerous when left unattended. If they get too hot, they could catch fire. Maintain your brakes regularly, and bring them into the shop if potential problems are theorized.

2. Watch your electrical connections.

Keep an eye on your shore cord and connectors. Check for cracks, tears, or any other wear and tear, and fraying or exposed wires.

3. Inspect your fire extinguishers and detectors.

Like the brakes, your fire extinguishers and smoke detectors need to be up-to-date and in working order. Check the pressure gauge, and make sure the nozzle is clean and unobstructed. Check the date and the battery in your smoke and LP detectors often.

4. Test your emergency exits.

In the case of an actual fire, you’ll want to know exactly where all the exits are located. If you don’t know which windows are emergency exits, now would be an excellent time to locate them. Be sure that all emergency exits open and close without much difficulty.

5. Service all appliances.

It would be best to have all RV appliances serviced at least once a year by RV Masters in Kenner, LA. This goes for your stove, oven, furnace, and sensitive electronics that could catch fire without careful attention.

6. Ventilate your battery.

Batteries in an RV must be adequately aired out to prevent heat storage or combustion. Ensure that hoses or vents are unobstructed. Consider partnering with a trained professional in Kenner, LA if you can’t tell how efficient your ventilation is.

7. Check your LP system.

Your LP gas (liquid propane) should be pressure tested each year. You can have this done by booking a visit with the RV Masters of Kenner, LA.

8. Install a fire suppression system.

At RV Masters, we can provide a comprehensive fire suppression package to protect RVs big and small to combat unexpected fires. By wiring automatic monitoring systems into your vehicle, fire hazards are caught and suppressed before outbreaks occur.

9. Avoid too many extension cords.

Too many extension cords can be a real hazard in the RV. If you have too many of them, they could easily become tangled and cause a fire. Only plug one at a time, and monitor their use carefully.

10. Watch your combustibles.

Be cautious about how you store pressurized bottles, lighters, and wood. If you smoke, be sure to dispose of your cigarettes properly. Don’t leave them lying around, and never smoke inside the RV.

11. Plan ahead.

Fires can be started by anything from faulty wiring to a lit candle. The best way to avoid them is to have a plan in mind or schedule a visit with the RV Masters of Kenner, LA.

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