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The Importance Of RV Fire Suppression Systems

Why RV Masters Offers Fire Suppression Systems Packages

According to recent statistics, more than 20,000 RV fires occur each year. These fires cause an unbelievable amount of damage, sometimes costing owners hundreds of thousands of dollars. The damages of an RV fire can run much deeper than money. Sadly, almost two dozen people lose their lives to unforeseen RV fires every year.

At RV Masters, we provide comprehensive fire suppression packages to protect RVs big and small to combat unexpected fires. By wiring automatic monitoring systems into your vehicle, fire hazards are caught and suppressed before outbreaks occur.

Here’s what fire suppression systems can do for your RV.

Fire Prevention By Fire Suppression Systems with RV Masters in Kenner La, image of installed fire suppression system long white tube with red caps on each end

Why Human Fire Safety Isn’t Enough

Proper fire protection for your RV always begins with you. Before heading out on any road trips, be sure to follow through with best fire safety practices:

  • Routine Maintenance
  • Checking AC Units
  • Replacing Dry Rot Tires
  • Amp Draw Testing

There are many things that you, as the RV owner, can do to prevent fire outbreaks. Yet, human prevention alone is rarely enough to stop disasters from happening. Tools like fire extinguishers require human interaction to use. Should a fire break out inside your RV, there is little you can do besides waiting for local authorities.

Fire suppression systems stop fires long before they become a reality.

However, it is essential to remember that fire suppression systems require ongoing maintenance. Just like your RV, your system needs to be monitored annually for any signs of leakage, breaking, or malfunction. At RV Masters, we help RVers check their detectors, batteries, extinguishers, and emergency exits, making safer cross-country trips.

What RV Fire Suppression Systems Do

The most significant benefit of fire suppressions systems is that they act independently of human triggers and can stop fires before they even form. The role of the fire suppression system is threefold:

  1. Identify fire hazards
  2. Release fire suppressants
  3. Alert humans to the presence of fire

RV fire suppression systems are fine-tuned to detect warnings like heat, smoke, and sparks inside the cabin. This will trigger a suppression response, where the machine will release a unique chemical formula to stop fires before they spread. Unlike other types of fire responses, RV fire suppression systems use an odorless, colorless, stain-free mixture that prevents disaster without harming your investment.

The RV Masters have been installing fire suppression systems for decades and pride ourselves on a high level of quality and satisfaction with every treatment. Are you concerned about the cost? RV Masters offers a comprehensive 6 or 12 months financing option at 0% interest. Call our primary office at (504) 466-3431 to connect with our installation crew right away.

How RV Masters Makes Fire Suppression Easy

The professional crew at RV Masters has decades of experience evaluating, installing, and maintaining automatic fire suppression systems for customers all over Kenner, LA. We help RVers in New Orleans, LA, feel confident on the road with cutting-edge tools and systems. Our 100% customizable automatic fire suppression packages cover dozens of appliances in your RV structure, including gas absorption refrigerators, backup generators, battery compartments, and beyond.

Each one of our fire suppression packages come with the following services:

  1. The initial installation of your RV fire suppression systems
  2. The installation and monitoring of smoke detectors (expiration dates, batteries, testing, etc)
  3. CO and LP detector testing and checking
  4. Checking all cabin fire extinguishers, including their expiration dates
  5. Ensuring that emergency exit windows are operable and accessible
  6. Performing a low-pressure leak test on your LP System 

Don’t leave your RV at risk of severe fires or dangerous circumstances. Call RV Masters today to install a fire suppression system in your recreational vehicle.