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5 Super-Cool RV Modifications and Upgrades You've Never Thought Of

One of the most exciting things about owning an RV is getting to customize it exactly to your liking. The number of RV modifications and upgrades you can do to improve your motor home’s efficiency and aesthetics are nearly limitless! Here are 5 super-cool mods you might not have thought of yet, many of which are easy to do yourself. For upgrades that require a professional, that’s what RV Masters is for.

1. LED Lighting

Not only is LED lighting ultra-efficient when it comes to energy use, it also looks super cool.

5 Super-Cool RV Modifications and Upgrades You've Never Thought Of ; RV Masters in Kenner La.

You can line hallway or step areas in your RV with LED strip lights to make it easier to see where the flooring changes, you can install them under kitchen cabinets or above lofts to provide unique but functional lighting, you can even install them in the toilet for added pizzazz, as well as making those middle of the night uses so much easier!  Opt for remote controllable LED light strips that change color and sync with music for the ultimate experience.

2. Composting Toilets

Composting toilets are an excellent choice for RV’ers who want to conserve water, particularly those who like to boondock often. Using the basic principles of organic material decomposition and evaporation, composting toilets offer a greener, cleaner way to RV. In fact, many RV owners that have switched to a composting toilet were able to convert their black tank to another grey tank, essentially doubling the amount of grey water that can be used and stored before having to visit a dump station.

3. Efficient Showerheads

Installing efficient showerheads can not only reduce the amount of water you use when bathing, but can also improve your showering experience. In a small RV shower, every little bit helps! A high-pressure showerhead cuts down on water use without compromising a hot, satisfying shower. Installing an outdoor showerhead can make it easier to rinse off after swimming, playing in the dirt or sand, or bathing the family dog.

4. Peel and Stick Tiles, Laminate Flooring, and Kitchen Backsplashes

RV modifications and upgrades are easy to do when you use products like peel and stick tiles, backsplashes, and laminate flooring. For example, turning a carpeted floor into wood laminate flooring costs very little in such a small space, is simple with peel and stick products, and can make cleaning up a breeze.

5. Mattress Upgrades

You may already know that the mattresses that generally come with RVs are mediocre in quality. The master bed is usually a standard spring king or queen model, while twin bunks may be lined with only a mat a few inches thick. Opt for a new, high-quality mattress for all sleeping areas. For awkwardly shaped or small beds, consider cutting and stacking foam mattress pads to fit. If budget is an issue, you can top existing mattresses with a memory foam or down topper to make it instantly more comfortable for less cost than gutting and replacing the current beds.

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