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Aluminum Repair and Replacement

Repairs to RV
Aluminum Skin and

Aluminum Repairs and Replacement by the Professionals at RV Masters

Aluminum is an inexpensive metal that is light, strong, and relatively easy to form into useful shapes. That makes it the ideal material for the exterior of many RVs and travel trailers. Aluminum resists weather, withstands the rigors of life on the road, and helps give you a sturdy, comfortable place to stay on your many adventures.

Unfortunately, aluminum RV siding often suffers damage sooner or later. Storms, wind, accidents, and other dangers all take a toll on the aluminum skin of your RV. When Murphy rears his ugly head while you are in the Gulf States or near New Orleans, RV Masters in LaPlace, LA can maintain, repair or replace your worn or damaged aluminum components and make your RV like new again.


New Orleans and other great travel destinations are subject to tropical storms, high winds, and hail. That means your RV will suffer weather-related wear and tear. Sometimes, you might get severe damage that triggers an insurance claim. Hail in particular is a very costly weather element that can damage virtually every exterior part on your motorhome. When storm damage occurs, you need experienced technicians capable of repairing or replacing your aluminum skin and roof materials. When done properly, your new RV skin can improve upon the original construction and make your camper even better than before the damage happened.

Hail damage to an aluminum skinned RV roof.

Hail damage to an aluminum skinned RV roof.

Roof panels were replaced and coated with FlexArmor

Roof panels were replaced and coated with FlexArmor


Your RV’s roof does many things. It gives you rigid protection against weather and falling branches. It also holds your air conditioning and other rooftop components. The roof takes a lot of direct UV damage from the sun, and gets bumped and damaged by overhanging objects. Eventually, you need to have repairs done, and that includes aluminum replacement when needed. Our technicians can inspect your RV’s roof, repair or replace any damaged panels, and give the best seal for your walls, air conditioning, and other components. We will ensure your AC system, antennas, and other components are installed and working properly. We also ensure they are sealed and do not leak, causing other problems that might affect your travels.


Whether it happens due to operator error or maybe another driver, accidents happen. That means your RV suffers aluminum damage to its exterior, and possibly its internal structure. Aluminum trusses and supports help make your RV rigid and safe for long travels. One good accident, though, can compromise its structural integrity. Accidental damage can render your RV useless – and nearly worthless. Having your aluminum repaired or replaced by a professional is the best solution when you need to ensure your motorhome can handle many more years of great fun and adventure.

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The certified and highly experienced technicians at RV Masters in LaPlace, LA, can repair or replace the aluminum on your motorhome. Call us today at (504) 466-3431 for aluminum repair and replacement that is fast, efficient and affordable. We’ll ensure your RV is repaired to factory specifications or better, giving you the peace-of-mind that your home on the road is structurally sound and ready to take your family on great American road trips for years to come!

Other Aluminum Vehicle Repairs

In addition to RVs, RV Masters can provide aluminum repairs for just about any type of aluminum vehicle or trailer. In the photo gallery below, you’ll see before, in-process, and completed aluminum repairs on a step van, box truck, horse trailer, and an enclosed cargo trailer.