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10 Ways To Avoid Expensive RV Repairs With Regular Maintenance

Mardi Gras is right around the corner, and with it, hundreds of RV travelers from around the country. Everyone wants to experience this iconic holiday at the heart of Cajun culture, leading them in droves to the center of New Orleans, LA.

If you’re planning on making a Mardi Gras visit of your own, you’re probably just starting to think about the necessary packing and trip logistics. But there’s another layer of trip prep you might just be forgetting: regular RV maintenance!

Taking care of your RV before, during, and after each trip will guarantee your safety while on the road, protecting one of your most significant investments from unnecessary damages, breakdown, and wear and tear. Let’s explore ten simple maintenance steps that avoid costly repairs and long-term fixes.

10 Ways To Avoid Expensive RV Repairs With Regular Maintenance with RV Masters in New Orleans/Kenner LA. Image of middle aged man standing on metal ladder in red hooded sweatshirt using power washing hose to wash off the top of the RV

10 Easy Ways To Prevent Expensive RV Repairs 

Be 100% ready for your next RV trip by following these easy maintenance steps.

1. Treat Your Roof Right

Your RV roof should be regularly washed and cleaned to reduce grime buildup. If you happen to have a rubber roof, be sure to have it professionally inspected once a year!

2. Keep An Eye On The Tires

RVs that remain in storage for extended periods may experience pressure reduction or tire rot. Visually inspect your tires regularly, and check the tire pressure often.

3. Change Oil Regularly

If you cannot change the oil yourself, enlist the help of a professional shop such as the RV Masters.

4. Replace Your Filters

Your RV fuel, air, oil, and coolant filters should be exchanged regularly.

5. Inspect Your Batteries

Most RV batteries should be replaced between three and five years. Remove the battery entirely during the chilly winter months.

6. Service Your Generator

Check the generator’s maintenance schedule to reduce any chances of breakage.

7. Care For Your Holding Tanks

The RV fresh water, gray, and black tanks must be regularly flushed with bleach to deodorize strong scents.

8. Monitor All Slideouts

Lubricate your slideout seals with specialized materials.

9. Wash The Body Frequently

Removing sap and grime from the RV’s exterior reduces paint peeling and other concerns.

10. Survey Fluid Levels

There are five essential fluids to keep track of in a typical RV:

  • Oil and gas
  • Power steering fluids
  • Brake fluids
  • Coolants
  • Windshield wiper fluid

Do More With RV Repairs In New Orleans Using  RV Masters

Offering some of the best RV repairs in New Orleans, the RV Masters has been providing meaningful vehicle maintenance packages for over 20 years and counting. We are passionate about keeping you safe and secure while on the road, supplying the repairs, customizations, and upgrades that make the most of your recreational vehicle.

Prepare yourself for the Mardi Gras season by calling our Kenner LA office at (504) 466-3431. Need to answer some questions first? Message us using the online contact form immediately. From seasonal maintenance to a pre-trip checklist, the RV Masters are prepared to serve you to the best of our ability