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Your RV is more than just a significant investment — it’s a vehicle you trust to keep you safe. But if just one part loses its structural soundness — AKA the roof — the rest of your structure won’t be far behind.

Most RV’s have a rubber membrane roof that will eventually fail.  Various coatings have been designed to mitigate this problem for the rest of your RV’s life. By reinforcing the material and sealing up cracks and gaps, its purpose is to create a durable ‘shield’ on top of your existing roof. No rip-and-replace services are needed!

The good news is that a professional solution is extremely easy to find. The bad news is that dozens of products are on the market, making it complex or even downright confusing to find the right brand for your vehicle.

Thankfully, RV Masters has you covered. Let’s look at the different types of protection.

FlexArmor by RV Masters

How To Choose The Right RV Roof Protection

RV roof maintenance is critical for any recreational vehicle. Roof coatings can protect your RV roof from leaks, cracks, and extreme weather, and choosing the right brand could prevent thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs.

Here’s how to choose between a Roll-on coating and FlexArmor for your RV vehicle in the Louisiana area.

rolled-on products

Rolled-on products such as RV Armor, and other DYI products are a roof protectant that creates a “skin” to reduce the exposure of your roof’s joints and seams.

This is normally applied in three steps:

  1. A technician cleans your roof.
  2. A roller is used to ‘paint’ the top of your RV with the coating.
  3. Often, the final applications will be made roughly two or three days later.

The price of these “Roll-On” coatings are often less expensive than a new roof. However, its yearly maintenance may be expensive, as roofing joints and seams aren’t eliminated during the application process. These coatings often peel and lift up when you walk on them.  This could cost you several hundred dollars per year to repair, among other things.  Plus, the application of these products are usually performed outdoors in the elements.  Rain, humidity, wind, and temperature makes it hard to maintain the best conditions for application.


FlexArmor is a spray-on roof protectant that eliminates your roof joints and seal lines. It is currently considered the most advanced RV roof armor on the market, which is why any installation needs to be completed at a certified FlexArmor shop.

Applying FlexArmor to your RV is fast, simple, and efficient:

  1. Bring your RV to a FlexArmor-certified shop (like RV Masters).
  2. A FlexArmor tech will apply the material to your roof, which dries in six seconds.
  3. You’ll get a transferrable lifetime warranty for your Flex Armor RV roof.

The benefits of FlexArmor surpass those of other competitors. This spray-on material is designed to withstand severe weather conditions and remains the thickest in the industry (3/16 of an inch). Plus, FlexArmor sealant can elongate by 600%, meaning it’s completely adaptable to the changing temperatures of the Louisiana Gulf Coast. FlexArmor is almost impossible to puncture or break and is nearly immune to falling branches and other detritus.

Best of all, your Flex Armor Lifetime Roof Coating comes with a 100% guarantee. Even if the material leaks, cracks, or fails, a licensed tech will repeat the process free of charge.

Let The RV Masters In Kenner, LA Install Your FlexArmor Roof

So, when you sit down to compare FlexArmor to the competition, you’ll see FlexArmor wins by a significant margin. FlexArmor is more robust, sleeker, and more durable than roll-on brands and comes with a guaranteed warranty for the lifetime of your RV. If you live anywhere near the Kenner – New Orleans, LA area and want the best RV roof armor brand for your machine, you can drive on down to RV Masters — we’ll get you booked for a service!

Durable FlexArmor for your family RV could be just a message away. Call us or text us at (504) 466-3431, email, or drop by the office at 2504 Lexington Street, Kenner, LA, 70062.