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How To Properly Maintain Your RV Slide-out In New Orleans, LA

Slide-out RV’s are some of the most popular recreational vehicles in North America. With the ability to ‘pop-out certain sidings to make room for a more extensive interior, RVs with slide-out capabilities act as a home away from home.

Regular RV maintenance is an integral part of keeping loved ones safe while on the road. If you’re not paying attention to serious warning signs or not bringing your vehicle in for regular inspections, the odds are that your slide-out RV could be running at a less-than-optimal capacity.

How To Properly Maintain Your Slide-Out RV with RV Masters in Kenner La; image of dodge RV with slide out in mountain setting

Understanding proper RV maintenance is a great way to avoid unexpected RV repairs in the future. Let’s take a closer look at some basic management techniques for your slide-out RV.

Slide-Out RV Maintenance Steps

No matter how soon you’re planning to hit the road, be prepared for road trips on the fly by using this RV slide-out maintenance guide.

1. Perform A Deep Cleaning

Any slide-out segments on your RV should be regularly cleaned to prevent sticking, sealing, or movement issues in the future.

Start by thoroughly washing down the exterior of the vehicle, both before and after storage. Pay special attention to the areas around rubber sealing or moving parts. An RV cleaner can use an electric leaf blower or broom to remove loose debris and buff out sap, tar, and other hard-to-scrub elements.

Finally, use a microfiber cloth to remove heavy debris from sliding rails and gears. Less road grime on mechanical elements will lead to longer-lasting components, among other things.

2. Add Conditioning & Lubricant

Moving parts on your slide-out RV should be reconditioned and lubricated as needed. All rubber seals should be doused in a specialized rubber lubricant. Rails or gearing should be treated similarly. Keep in mind that too much grease is just as bad as too little! Add a small amount of conditioning to a rubbing cloth, and carefully apply as needed. Don’t allow globs or puddles to hit the floor, creating a huge mess. 

3. Check Specialty Parts

Most RVs have specialty parts that require yearly checks. The average slide-out includes hydraulic systems, electric motors, and cable drivers. Check parts for leaks, electrical shortages, or signs of damage (such as fraying). If you don’t feel comfortable working on these elements, reach out to a local pro like the RV Masters.

4. Track Your RV Maintenance

RV maintenance should be tracked on your calendar to assess the frequency of care. RV Masters recommends marking recent visits on a piece of paper, online calendar, or digital app. Some programs, including Maintain My RV, offer an online maintenance calendar that will sync to your device. 

Get Slide-Out RV Repair In New Orleans From The RV Masters

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