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Maximizing Your RV Ventilation with Maxxair Vent Covers

What’s the most important part of a comfortable RV trip? If you answered, ‘good airflow,’ you’d be correct. Great ventilation can make or break your next big road trip, and unless you have a solid cover to protect your vents from the elements, you could be in for a lungful of stale air (or surprising leaks and drips).

This is where the power of Maxxair vent covers comes in. Designed to adapt to a wide variety of RV models, these ventilation covers protect your investment from poor circulation, heavy rain, and even the presence of insects. Not only can you maximize ventilation and cost-effectively cool your RV, but you can rest easy knowing your investment is protected against bugs, rain, and damaging UV rays.

Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know about Maxxair vent colors for your RV.

Rvs with RV roof vent cover in the garage.

Everything You Need To Know About Maxxair Vent Covers For Your RV

Whether you’re the proud owner of an existing Maxxair vent cover or a newcomer to the world of RVing, here’s everything you should know about Maxxair vent covers and how to maintain them over time.

What are the benefits of Maxxair vent covers?

You can fit Maxxair vent covers over the tops of your RV’s vents to promote better airflow without letting rain or falling leaves inside. This allows you to eliminate musty scents or strong odors emanating from bathrooms, living spaces, and cooking areas.

Plus, by preventing unwanted heat buildup and letting smoke and steam escape, you can help prevent the buildup of humidity without exposing your RV to bugs, acorns, and unexpected six-legged guests.

Since Maxxair vents also shade the tops of existing vent seals, you can potentially expand the lifespan of your roof and protect your sealant from harmful UV rays.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Maxxair vent covers come with a built-in screen. Not only does this prevent wildlife critters from getting inside, but it’s entirely removable and washable — giving you more control over your interior ventilation.

What colors can I get my Maxxair vent covers in?

Maxxair vent covers come in a variety of different colors, which is helpful for selecting a fit for your RV’s specific hue. Black vents may be useful for darker-colored vehicles, and may hide dirt and other debris better than other colors. White vents, in contrast, are more resistant to heat and UV rays, and make the perfect accompaniment to RVs with lighter-colored paneling.

Looking for a more specific Maxxair vent cover color? Feel free to connect with RV Masters to discuss your installation options.

What sized air vent can Maxxair fit over?

Maxxair vents are designed to fit over most standard roof vents (usually 14″ x 14″). That said, there are also specialized Maxxair vents for more unique situations depending on your vehicle’s model or size. For example:

  • Some vents restrict airflow by a specific degree (like 20%) to help you better control your interior ventilation.
  • Some vents were designed to maintain a low profile so you can fit into smaller spaces without worrying about the size of your covers.
  • Some vents come pre-installed with automatic rain sensors that immediately close your vents in the event of a sudden storm.

For more information about any of these customizations, please get in touch with RV Masters right away.

Get A Maxxair Vent Cover Service From The Professionals At RV Masters

Maxxair vent covers are the cream of the crop, so it only makes sense to get one of America’s top providers to repair, replace, or install them for your RV. The professionals at RV Masters would be more than willing to help, offering decades of experience in the RV ventilation space. We’re honored to bring our depth of experience to RVers through Kenner LA, and can help you perform maintenance tasks today that will lead to a better vacation tomorrow.

RV Masters is proud to offer the following Maxxair vent cover services:

  • Maxxair vent cover repair
  • Maxxair vent cover parts replacement
  • Maxxair vent cover installation

When you’re ready to upfit your existing RV or just repair the vent that’s already installed, you can trust the professionals at RV Masters to get your vehicle up to snuff. Just give us a call at (504) 466-3431 to speak with an expert at your convenience.