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Your Ultimate Summer RV Camping Checklist

Planning an epic summer RV camping trip, but not sure how to get your RV ready after a long winter hibernation? RV Masters has done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the top RV maintenance areas to check out before your next big adventure! Summer RV maintenance can seem daunting if you don’t know where to start. Taking the time to learn proper RV care and maintenance can ensure the longevity and safety of your RV.

Tire Pressure

Your Ultimate Summer RV Camping Checklist with RV Masters in Kenner, La.; image of family driving in RV, father is driving, Mother is looking out the window with a smile holding a map on her lap while son and daughter are in the background of the driving RV

It’s always a good idea to first check out an RV’s tires. It is typically to see around two to three psi lost in air pressure per month while an RV is in storage. The loss in tire air pressure will be greater if the RV was stored in cold temperatures or outdoors. Just as with a car, improperly pressured tires on an RV can cause issues. Tires that are not pressurized enough wear out more quickly, causing issues with driving. Occasionally, a tire will completely give out, which can result in dangerous situations on the road.

It’s good to note that anything done to the main RV tires should also be applied to the RV spare tire. To check the tire pressure, you can utilize a pressure gauge. Tire manufacturers differ on the tire pressure recommendation, so be sure to check and inflate the tires to the correct pressure amount. The RV owner’s manual is always handy if you ever feel lost or need to double-check yourself. Worn-down tread tracks on the tires and any cracks are signals for a need for a larger repair or replacement. Tires are extremely important to the safety of any RV expedition, so plan to have time for a possible tire replacement before any trips this summer.

Check Air Conditioning 

Air conditioning is one major perk of summer RV camping. Checking that your air vents and windows are in solid condition is crucial. Go around and open all the air vents and windows to check whether they’re in good condition. Air vents prevent overbearing humidity and keep the RV at a comfortable temperature. If you come across any problems with airflow, RV Masters can help repair your RV air vents and windows to maintain comfort and safety. 

Plumbing Problems

It’s likely your RV has not been utilized since the freeze this past winter. The drastic temperatures may have caused the RV plumbing to crack. To check for cracks, fill your freshwater tank. Proceed to then turn the water pump on and pressurize. After the water system has turned off post-full pressurization, keep an ear out for any sounds signaling that the water pump has turned back on. There is a crack in the pipes if the water pump turns back on or if the water pump did not turn off to begin with. To avoid costly water damage, be sure to repair any cracks in the plumbing swiftly. RV Masters is happy to help assist with any cracked plumbing maintenance if you don’t feel like taking on the job yourself. 

Trust Us With Your RV Needs

RV Masters knows the value of trust when it comes to summer RV maintenance. We have prided ourselves on serving the Kenner LA area for years with the highest quality RV repair. Our fair pricing will keep your RV safe and running properly, so you and your family can spend where it matters most — making memories during summer RV camping trips. 

RV Masters has certified technicians to answer any questions you may have about taking care of your beloved RV. Get in touch with us about RV maintenance by visiting our website, calling us at (504) 229 – 6194 or sending us an email at If you’re looking for summer RV maintenance done properly in a timely manner, look no further than RV Masters headquartered in Kenner, LA.