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RV Weatherproofing for All Seasons

Every recreational vehicle must undergo regular weatherproofing services throughout the year. This is to ensure the safety and longevity of your investment as it becomes exposed to extreme temperatures, rain, and other destructive precipitation.

Every season brings its own unique challenges to RV owners in Kenner, LA. Let’s walk through some common RV problems and what you can do to protect your RV.


April showers bring May flowers, and with it, lots of driving rain can affect your RV. The months of March, April, and May are perfect for waterproofing entry points like doors and windows. 

RV Weatherproofing for All Seasons | RV Masters in Kenner, LA. Image of a technician dowin window seal check of a recreational vehicle. Concept image of preventative RV maintenance services.

Check your seals if they are properly fitted, then keep an eye out for cracks, gaps, or fissures that may instigate leaks. RV Masters will perform a resealing service to keep water out even on the rainiest days.


Summertime heat can do a number on our RVs, especially if they aren’t stored in a garage. Melted seals, damaged paint, and rotted tires are just a few of the most common seasonal damages.

Start by scheduling an AC inspection and repair before going on major trips. The team at RV Masters will be happy to check for damages and service your vehicle throughout the hottest months of June, July, and August.


The heavy rains, falling leaves, and mild frosts of fall can start to affect the resiliency of your RV.

Besides regular autumn care, check your RV insulation for signs of weakness. We recommend scheduling a visit with us between September, October, and November to catch potential problems well in advance.


The cold has hit in earnest! Now is the perfect time to inspect your RV roof for signs of damage (if you haven’t already). You may want to inspect for any problems from freezing rain or snow. A trained provider can quickly give your vehicle a once-over before the holiday season.

Winter is also a great time to think about safety. You should test and replace batteries in your smoke detector, propane detector, and carbon monoxide detector. Also, don’t forget to check your fire extinguisher.

The RV Masters Has You Covered All Season Long

RV Masters has been serving clients in Kenner, LA and beyond for over 15 years. We provide the best RV preventative maintenance for your 5th wheel, motorhome, or weekend camper, like insulation, resealing, HVAC services, and roof repairs.

Visit us in person at 2504 Lexington Street, Kenner, LA 70062. You can also give us a call at (504) 466-3431 or fill out this contact form to schedule an appointment. See you soon!